Quality is What Makes PC˛ Computers Better!

You may be wondering why we are here. What makes PC˛ Computers different? Well, we are here to offer a better product. We have noticed that there are an abundance of computer companies out there, all offering cheap computers for a cheap price with little to no customer service and a short warranty. We wanted to offer people more than that. Buying a computer is a decision that shouldn't be made impulsively, whenever you see a good deal in the newspaper. You're not buying groceries or a box of nails, where all you want is the cheapest price. So why are computers advertised like that? Buying a computer is more like buying a car. You have to weigh options, service, warranty, and then finally price. You might even pay more for a car because it has a better warranty, more features, or a better reputation. This is how we sell computers.

We believe in selling a quality product for a reasonable price, not a cheap product for the lowest price. While some manufacturers cut corners and use inferior components in their computers, PC˛ Computers will use only the highest quality components available. PC˛ Computers uses: AMD and Intel Processors; PNY and Kingston memory; Western Digital and SeaGate hard drives; Asus, Epox, Shuttle, Soyo and Tyan motherboards; Lite On, LG, Optorite, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic drives; Proview, KDS, Viewsonic and Sony monitors; authentic nVidia video cards; authentic Sound Blaster sound cards; Altec Lansing and Bose® Speaker Systems; D-Link and Linksys network cards; Rockwell modems; and HP printers.

Each computer sold by PC˛ Computers is hand-assembled from these quality components and thoroughly tested and checked before it is sold to ensure that it will work for years to come. We back up all our computers with one of the BEST WARRANTIES in the industry: Our "2 Year Unlimited Parts and Labor Warranty" comes standard on every computer we sell and is upgradable to a "5 Year Unlimited Parts Warranty".

So, as you can see, PC˛ Computers is here to offer you an alternative to the mainstream. We offer a superior product to the market at a fair price. We are like the BMW or Mercedes Benz of the computer industry, and we feel quite proud of that. So, if you want the best product and the best service, come see us at PC˛ Computers.