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      Digital Design Studios, in conjunction with Black Dragon Productions, also offers Video Production Services. We can use full size VHS cameras or digital video and/or still cameras to shoot your event! From sporting events and races to weddings and special occasions, you can rely on us. Plus, with prices starting at only $100 per hour, we won't break your budget. We can finish your project and master it on VHS or DVD as well as create duplicates.
      We also offer VHS and DVD Authoring. This is compiling footage from multiple sources, including VHS or DVD, editing it (if necessary or required) and publishing it to VHS or DVD format. A VHS formatted Master Tape costs $15 per minute and a Master DVD costs $30 per minute for a standard DVD. Adding DVD menus, multiple sub-menus, animated menus and/or extra chapter selections are extra and may cost up to $50 per minute. As always, the final cost of your project will vary and we strongly urge you to contact us for a more accurate estimate.

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